COVID-19 Update


Spencer Family Entertainment’s COVID-19 GUIDELINES & REGULATIONS:

*Mobile Gaming (Rockin’ Rollin Video Game Party)

*Laser Tag (Backyard Laser Tag Party)

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Spencer Family Entertainment will issue new rules and regulations until further notice to ensure the safety of our gamers and employees.

New bookings and reschedules are starting May 8, 2020 in accordance with the Phase 1 NC mandated guidelines for business re-opening. Spencer Family Entertainment will always follow the rules and guidelines issued by our North Carolina government.


o Every guest/gamer who enters the gaming theater is recommended to wear a face mask. It can be homemade or store bought. 


o Spencer Family Entertainment is requiring no more than 10 GAMERS invited per event. This will allow for some social distancing in and out of the gaming theater. We will NOT rotate gamers in and out of the gaming theater. TOTAL GAMER LIMIT is 10 to prevent cross contamination of controllers. Adults gaming and handling controllers ARE included in the gamer count.


o NO child under the age of 4 is allowed in the gaming theater or in the vicinity during the duration of the event. Per our existing rules, children aged 3 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in the theater. Children under 3 must be carried at all times, no exceptions.  This would increase the total number of gamers in the theater which is what we are trying to avoid.

If anyone is sick or experiencing any symptoms, we ask them to please refrain from coming to the trailer and will not be allowed to participate.

**We clean and sanitize all trailers and equipment before and after every event. 

We understand that there are many that are trying to adjust to the ways of doing things and we are here for you. The safety of our guests and employees is our number 1 concern. We will continue to follow guidelines given to us by the Health professionals and will make adjustments as the information is given to us.

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